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Air Handler Cleaning

The air handler unit (AHU) and fresh air makers (FAMU) are ideal in the circulation of airflow throughout the superyachts. If these units aren’t cleaned and sanitized every 6-8 months they become breeding areas for molds, mildews, many bacteria, and bad odors. Having these air handling units properly cleaned, sanitized and maintained is essential in yacht indoor air quality.

All cleaning is not the same therefore we provide two (2) different cleaning procedures which are RCM (removal-cleaning-method) and CIP (clean-in-place). The selected cleaning method is often based on the condition of the equipment.

RCM is recommended for dire situations as in mold and debris has formed a thick layer on the condenser coils and blower wheels. For these circumstances we will remove the highly contaminated air handling unit from its designated compartment and disassemble it for a systematic cleaning and sanitizing. This cleaning process also includes:

  • Sanitizing or replacement of the moldy insulations,
  • Bench testing the electrical components.
  • Flushing of the drain line
  • Cleaning the drain pan
  • Clean and sanitize the unit’s compartment.
  • Change the air filter.

CIP is typically reserved for units that are in need of maintenance cleaning, meaning that they have been cleaned in the last 6-months and are slightly contaminated with mold. The air handling units will remain in their compartments while the condenser coils and blower fins are cleaned and sanitized. This cleaning process also includes:

  • Cleaning the compartment
  • Changing of the air filter
  • Cleaning of the drain pans.
  • Sanitize moldy insulation.

We utilize hospital-grade botanical EPA approved products that will not compromise the safety of the crew members onboard. Our cleaning repertoire includes an Innovative Dry Ice Machine that produces the perfect clean without disturbing the condenser coils.